Securitisation of Migrant Integration 
Lessons from the US and UK

Catherine Puzzo ​

looking into the Nigerian community in the UK. 

Catherine Puzzo is senior lecturer at the university of Toulouse II le Mirail and member of the research group Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes (EA 801) of the same university. She teaches contemporary British civilisation in the department of English studies and since 2010 has given lectures on migration and human rights at the Institut d’Etudes Politique of Toulouse. Areas of specialization include migration policies and legislation in the UK over the past four decades, asylum seekers’ rights and fundamental civil liberties, political discourses on immigration control and migrant women’s rights. Her most recent publications include a paper on migrants’ rights in the UK, “International migrants’ rights in the UK fom the 1998 Human Rights Act to the Big Society concept : a review article” Lisa e-journal, Equal rights: myth or reality in contemporary English speaking societies? and a book chapter entitled “Immigration detention in the UK: the role of oversight mechanisms and constricting rules to raise standards”, Pre-trial detention in common law and civil law systems (19th-20th centuries) sous la direction de M. Charret-Del Bove et F. Mourlon, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, both to be published in the first semester of 2014.