Securitisation of Migrant Integration 
Lessons from the US and UK

Daniel Nilsson DeHanas

Daniel Nilsson DeHanas is a Lecturer of Political Science and Religion at King's College London. His research interests are in the sociology of religion and political sociology. Much of this research has involved politics and public policy related to Muslims in Britain, on issues such as multiculturalism or the opposition to mosque construction.  In 2010-2013, Daniel worked on a research team led by Therese O’Toole on the Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance (MPCG) project at the University of Bristol. MPCG is a study of the various ways British Muslims since 1997 have been participants in governance in the three interlocking policy fields of equality, diversity and cohesion; faith sector governance; and security (including the Prevent Strategy). The research included policy analysis, interviews with 112 key governance actors and policy makers, and comparative local case studies in Birmingham, Leicester, and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Daniel is also a co-founder and contributing editor for the online magazine Public Spirit, for ‘spirited debate on religion and public policy’ (, @publicspirited).  For more information on his research, please visit his website ( or follow him on Twitter (@ddehanas).