Securitisation of Migrant Integration 
Lessons from the US and UK

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SoMI panel at the  55th  International Studies Association (ISA) annual convention in Toronto (March 2014) : 

Security Governance and Migrant Mobilisation in the United States and Great Britain

A decade after 9/11 it is crucial to ask how securitization has shaped the collective identities and action of migrants, and what the "feedback" effects are on migrant behavior. This panel examines the relationship between security policies and integration policies and how the response of migrant communities shape these policies. Participants address two key issues: a) the extension of the securitization logic into domestic policies -- not just immigration but also integration in its various dimensions (such as naturalization, community partnership, social policies, social control); and b) the relationship between these policies and the evolution of migrant mobilization by exploring various forms of mobilization (such as political, civic, and social engagement). Finally, this panel explores how the identity and strategies of migrants and minorities are likely to be changed by the various forms of mobilization that they have selected (or by the absence of mobilization such as in the case of "active non incorporation").

Chair :  Martin A. Schain (New York University)
Discussant :  Anthony M. Messina (Trinity College)
Discussant :  Martin A. Schain (New York University)
How Does it Feel to be a “Threat”? Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on Migrant Reaction to Securitization in the United States 
Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia (Rutgers University) 
Karina Moreno Saldivar 
Striking a New Balance? Integration Policies and Politics in Evolution in Europe 
Patrick R. Ireland (Illinois Insitute of Technology) 
Which Way Towards Desecuritisation? Muslim and Sikh Mobilizations Against the Securitization of Immigration and Migrant Integration Policies in the UK 
Romain Garbaye 
Vincent Latour 
The Contribution of “Homeland Security” to Racialized Polarization Over Immigration in Arizona 
James Cohen 
Security, Surveillance and Space: Contested Topologies of Urban Counter‐Terrorist Surveillance 
Pete Fussey (University of Essex)