Securitisation of Migrant Integration 
Lessons from the US and UK

Vincent LaTour

Surveying of the Sikh community of Bristol, South-West England. 

Born in 1974, Vincent LATOUR (Ph.D. 2001, Université Bordeaux III) is Professor of British studies at Université Toulouse II – Le Mirail. He obtained his habilitation in comparative studies in December 2012. His research focuses on Franco-British and wider European comparative studies, with particular emphasis on multiculturalism, immigration and minority communities. He supervises a number of research students, including Ph.D. candidates. Some of his major recent publications include ‘The Sarkozy Years: Attempting to Define a New Paradigm for Diversity Governance in France’, in G. Raymond (ed.),The Sarkozy Presidency: Breaking the Mould? , ‘The Securitisation of British Multiculturalism’, in R. Garbaye and P. Schnapper (eds.), The Politics of Ethnic Diversity in the British Isles  or indeed his monograph to be published in May 2014, Le Royaume-Uni et la France au test de l’immigration et à l’épreuve de l’intégration, 1930-2012 (Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux). ​